The Future of Running Reliable Software in Production

StackPulse automates and orchestrates incident response and management, enabling a continuous approach to software services reliability.

Why StackPulse?

“StackPulse has transformed our team’s approach to reliability. Our teams are no longer fighting fires and can instead invest in building for the future”

-Aviram Cohen, VP R&D, Armis


The StackPulse platform gives SREs, developers and on-callers the context and control necessary to analyze, respond to, and resolve incidents across the entire stack—at any scale.

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Progressively Improve Reliability of Software Services

StackPulse transforms how engineering and operations teams operate software and infrastructure services. Our Platform makes it easy to get started collaborating with a suite of incident management tools – from automated war room creation, to data capture and auto-generated postmortems. The data captured during these incidents then generates recommendations for playbooks and triggers that result in significant reductions in MTTR or improvements in SLO adherence.

StackPulse identifies risk based on specific patterns of your organization’s unique monitoring, infrastructure, and operational data, and then recommends automated playbooks tailored to your organization. Over time, this helps to prevent future incidents and improve reliability.


Automate Away Toil with Reliability as Code

Just because you have a team that can handle outages and bring a service back to operation doesn’t mean you’re “doing reliability” right. The scale of the digital services economy is about mechanisms relying on mechanisms, which means spotty documentation and reliance on tribal knowledge and manual practices simply won’t cut it. StackPulse seamlessly integrates with cloud environments, application frameworks and monitoring tools, and replaces manual processes with playbooks-as-code, making versioning and sharing simple — so what was tribal knowledge becomes scalable.


Compliant and Secure

Security, privacy and reliability are of supreme importance to StackPulse. Our service infrastructure and operations are continuously subjected to rigorous external audits and are compliant with the highest industry-grade standards of security and data privacy.

StackPulse is:

✔ SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

✔ HIPAA Compliant

✔ ISO 27001 Certified

✔ GDPR Compliant


Today’s companies are pressured to quickly build and reliably run software services—mainly because customers view running services as the main value interface of a modern enterprise. StackPulse is the solution.

The StackPulse team is dedicated to the idea of bringing engineering methodologies and code-based automation to the traditional IT approach to reliability.

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StackPulse easily integrates into your existing monitoring, operations and compute tools, providing a powerful central hub for managing reliability.

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StackPulse automates the actions teams take to remediate production incidents as well as the lifecycle and communication around these actions.

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In this eBook you’ll learn the benefits of closing the DevOps infinity loop and achieving integration between reliability on one hand and application design and development on the other.

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