Real-Time Alert Enrichment & Analysis

Reduce alert fatigue with real-time enrichment, triage, and analysis — so you can focus on what matters most.

The Challenge

Responding to alerts is like building a jigsaw puzzle — the alert itself is just one piece. Determining impact, cause, and actions requires context from across your environment. The time spent collecting and analyzing is time when services may be down, and customers impacted. 

The StackPulse Solution

When an incident alert fires, the StackPulse Reliability Platform collects additional context across multiple systems, and delivers enriched information to your collaboration or on-call management tools. 


Responders no longer need to query multiple systems to assess impact, or manually review deployment logs to search out cause, StackPulse puts this information at their fingertips to allow them to focus on remediation sooner.

Why StackPulse?

Real-time enrichment reduces toil and alert fatigue, and gives on-call teams the context needed to respond faster.

Alert Enrichment and Analysis

Trigger enrichment playbooks to fetch logs, query databases, or perform other proactive data collection to add necessary context to alerts. Analyze alert payloads and use historical data to catch risks before they become incidents.


Gain Context into Alerts

Collate alerts from across your applications, network, and infrastructure, and turn them into service-aware signals of availability health and performance.