DevOps Automation: How to Streamline Pipelines Without Over-Automating

DevOps automation enables teams to streamline repetitive tasks, by codifying processes using various scripting tools/technologies. Teams can automate most of the DevOps pipeline, including builds, testing, production deployments and monitoring, as well as operations and Site Reliability Management (SRE) tasks like incident response.  By leveraging DevOps automation, R&D organizations can achieve faster time to market, … Continued

Prometheus Monitoring: Architecture and Challenges

Prometheus allows collecting and processing metrics data from any infrastructural or applicative component. It is used very frequently to monitor containerized workloads. The platform integrates with Kubernetes and other components in the cloud native ecosystem, ingests data, and helps you collect and process four types of metrics: counters, gauges, histograms, and summaries. The Prometheus data … Continued