gRPC Web — Using gRPC in your front end application

At StackPulse we use gRPC as our one and only synchronous communication protocol. Microservices communicate with each other using gRPC, our external API is exposed via gRPC and our frontend application (written using VueJS) uses the gRPC protocol to communicate with our backend services. One of the main strengths of gRPC is the community and … Continued

gRPC in Practice – directory structure, linting and more

Let’s do a short recap We have many microservices. Each microservice has external APIs that can called by authenticated users. It also has internal APIs can be called internally by other microservices. The communication is done using gRPC. For more on our journey into gPRC; see the first blog in this series. We are still a small team and … Continued

gRPC in Practice: Introduction

Each time I start working on a new product from scratch, I like to take some time and research the latest available technologies and patterns that companies are using. I always discover something new and improve on my previous experiences. About 2 months ago I started working at StackPulse. When I joined there was not … Continued