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Founded in January 2020 by DevOps and CyberSecurity veterans, StackPulse is a reliability platform allowing organizations to fully adopt the “You build it, you run it” paradigm.

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Our Mission

Make the world a more reliable place one service at a time.

Our Story

The founding principles of StackPulse are inspired by Amazon’s Werner Vogels, who summarized the concept of giving developers operational responsibilities to improve the quality of software services in the phrase: “You build it, you run it.” 

At StackPulse, we view reliability as an engineering challenge. Traditional approaches to operating services reliably were developed as an operational/procedural challenge, and, therefore lack the ability to adapt to the increased rate of change brought on by DevOps. 

The StackPulse platform uses code to transform previously manual processes into repeatable automated workflows, so teams can accelerate the resolution of incidents, standardize practices across organizations, reduce load from engineers participating in on-call rotation, and improve the overall reliability of software services.

Collaborative and Distributed Team

Our distributed, cross-functional teams in the United States and Israel collaborate and strategize on a near-daily basis to ensure an optimal product and customer experience is top of mind for all. Central to our team values is a core belief in ensuring employees are comfortable collaborating with colleagues at all levels.

Security-First Architecture and Team

StackPulse is a DevOps platform with a Security pedigree. Company founders and leadership are cybersecurity veterans who conceived of StackPulse when running global scale network security services. StackPulse platform is engineered with industry-best security practices from day zero. Our engineering processes and deliverables are subject to continuous audits from industry-leading authorities in the fields of Penetration Testing, Security Architecture, Operational Compliance,


StackPulse’s founders and management have a long DevOps and Cybersecurity history across numerous successful companies together, including Luminate Security, Twistlock, Puppet and Check Point.

Co-Founder & CEO

Ofer Smadari

Co-Founder & CTO

Leonid Belkind

Co-Founder & CPO

Eldad Livni


Brian Lake

VP People and Ops

Karin Ophir Zimet

VP of Growth

Josh Thorngren

Bessemer Venture Partners

GGV Capital

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