How it Works

By centralizing and automating reliability across an entire environment, StackPulse makes it easy to manage services in production at any scale.


StackPulse replaces manual operations in your production environment with code-based playbooks and automated reliability management.

Continuous Reliability Management across the Entire Incident Lifecycle

Phase 1: Analyze

StackPulse enriches events with automatically collected information and integrates with your cloud environments, application frameworks, and monitoring tools, to deliver rich alerts to your on-call and collaboration tools.

Phase 2: Respond

StackPulse centralizes communication and data around an incident and then collects and arranges all the data for incident response teams. Teams can also trigger code-based playbooks to mitigate incidents automatically.

Phase 3: Resolve

StackPulse analyzes data across your monitoring systems and ops processes. Over time, this combination of application, environment, and operational data enables StackPulse to provide data-driven insights for proactive reliability enhancement.


Integrations-First Architecture

StackPulse easily integrates into your existing monitoring, operations and compute tools – giving you a powerful central hub for managing reliability.

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Closing the DevOps Infinity Loop

In this eBook you’ll learn the benefits of closing the DevOps infinity loop and achieving integration between reliability on one hand and application design and development on the other.

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