Incident Lifecycle Management, DevOps-style

Simple and flexible incident management software to streamline communication, speed remediation, and automate data collection.

The Challenge

Resolving incidents quickly and efficiently is difficult. Traditional collaboration and incident management tools make this harder — requiring responders to keep those systems updated manually, while simultaneously trying to remediate issues. This split focus makes incidents last longer, and makes it harder to capture the data needed to learn from the incident and prevent recurrence.

The StackPulse Solution

StackPulse automates incident management, using signals from your environment or input from your collaboration tools to keep incident data current and stakeholders informed. Incidents are enriched with event data from your environment and a record of remediation actions taken by your team — giving you structured technical and operational data to use in retrospectives.

Why StackPulse?

Centralized, automated incident lifecycle management keeps stakeholders in the loop and focused on remediation.

Streamlined Collaboration

StackPulse integrates seamlessly with your collaboration tools —
automating war room creation, syncing message data to incident history, and letting you update incident status from anywhere, at any time.

Robust Retrospectives

Every alert, every conversation, every playbook step. StackPulse collects and structures incident data points for you, so your retrospectives are data-driven and actionable.

Data-Driven Insights

Use incident data to analyze the reliability of your services and the impact on the service users. Manage SLOs in a data-driven way.

Automate away the Toil

By capturing data automatically and freeing teams from toil – StackPulse helps you remediate incidents quicker and build more reliable services.

Decrease MTTR

Keep teams focused on remediation – not data collection and communication.

Improve Reliability

Use structured data around incidents and trends to improve services and operations

Improved Retrospectives

Run retrospectives with structured data that covers your application, environment, and operations

Closing the DevOps Infinity Loop

In this eBook you’ll learn the benefits of closing the DevOps infinity loop and achieving integration between reliability on one hand and application design and development on the other.

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