Let’s build a more reliable world

StackPulse gives engineers and SREs everything needed to build and run more reliable services - during incidents, at deployment, or when writing code. By centralizing and automating reliability across an entire environment, StackPulse makes it easy to manage services in production at any scale.

Automated Alert Enrichment

When an alert is triggered, StackPulse automatically triages and enriches the alert with impact, environment details, and root cause analysis. This context is delivered in real-time to on-call teams - simplifying remediation and helping drive down both MTTD and MTTR.

Powerful Playbooks to Reduce Toil

StackPulse playbooks are powerful code-based workflows that investigate, remediate and maintain your software services - reducing toil for your teams. Playbooks can be imported from StackPulse’s playbook library, built via drag and drop step builder, or deployed as part of a GitOps workflow.

Centralized Knowledge and Insight

StackPulse automatically documents and analyzes incident details and remediation patterns - centralizing tribal knowledge and delivering recommendations to proactively improve your services.

Easy to Integrate; Simple to Scale

StackPulse deploys in minutes, with out-of-the-box integrations to your existing alerting, on-call and compute stacks. With a consistent framework for playbook trigger and execution, StackPulse lets you modify or scale your underlying environment with no impact to your incident response practice.

Best Practice Playbooks

The StackPulse playbook library contains tested and verified steps and playbooks - making it easy to quickly improve your MTTR and MTTD in common scenarios. Playbooks can be easily exported or shared for portability.
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