Reducing the Organizational Costs of Incident Response via Playbooks-as-Code

Playbooks-as-code are the next evolutionary stage in incident response, as well as as an opportunity to reduce organizational costs associated with incident response.

Not only do code-based playbooks make incident response faster and more efficient, thereby maximizing ROI and minimizing MTTR, but they resolve the fundamental gap within incident response. By automating playbooks using code, teams turn incident response  into an engineering endeavor, making it possible to use code as a consistent toolchain that both developers and IT Ops can use to manage incidents.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The reason why there’s a disconnect between IT Ops and developers, and why that’s such a big problem
  • The definition of code-based playbooks, and how they can reduce the cost of overhead for service operations while also improving customer satisfaction
  • Where to access to an outpost of playbook-as-code options that StackPulse offers

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