The ROI of Playbooks-as-Code (Executive Brief)

When it comes to incident response, organizations still generally go through traditional motions of paging team members, leveraging documentation and runbooks to investigate and handle the situations, and then measuring response time and quality of these teams. This kind of human-centric approach has never been scalable. When you factor in additional challenges that COVID-19 has brought into the equation around distributed teams and systems, plus the ever-evolving complexity of hybrid and cloud-native architectures, it’s more evident than ever before that a human-centric strategy is an outmoded approach to ensuring reliability of your services. 

The solution? Playbooks-as-code. These playbooks use code to define and enforce the actions that an incident response team should take, which reduces organizational costs and increases ROI. 

Learn all the benefits of playbooks-as-code at a glance in this executive brief.

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